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Big Al's donation jar was dedicated to Poudre Canyon for the month of August.




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Poudre Canyon Fire Protection District, Larimer County, Colorado, that at the close of business on the sixty-third day before the election, there were not more candidates for director than offices to be filled, including candidates filing affidavits of intent to be write-in candidates; therefore, the election to be held on May 8, 2018 is hereby canceled pursuant to PP 1-5-208(1.5), C.R.S.

The following candidates are hereby declared elected:
Greg Danhoff - 4-Year Term until May, 2022
Paula Collins - 4-Year Term until May, 2022

LeAnn S. Davis, Designated Election Official

Contact Person for the District:  Brett Ridges, President
Telephone Number of the District:  970-881-2472
Address of the District:  P.O. Box 364, LaPorte, CO  80535

District Email:  www.poudrecanyonfiredistrict.org




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4th Annual Chili Cook-off

Wow!  What a success!  The annual fire department chili cook-off was held on February 28. It was a chilly (chili) night for sure.
Two fire departments were represented and a total of 85 people attended the cook-off.  We had great auction items and this year almost everyone walked out with a door prize.
With 17 great tasting chili's, it was difficut to determine winners.
The 1st place winners were:
Judges Choice - Fritz Veneble
People's Choice - Jenni Holmgren
Fire department Chili - Poudre Canyon made by Laura Stahl
A combination of proceeds for the night and donations from those who could not attend currently total $8740.
I am still in awe of that amount and want to thank everyone who helped make this happen: the chili cook-off comittee, the sponsors who donated auction items and supplies, those who brought chili, those who purchased items, and all who made donations.  This money will go a long way to help with training, equipment, and general expenses to run the Fire/EMS Department.

March 1, 2014 ~ Our Third Annual Chili Cook Off ~

The 3rd Annual Mountain Firefighters Chili Cook-Off was held March 1, 2014 at the Poudre Canyon Fire Station #2. Each fire department and individuals were encouraged to bring his/her favorite concoction to be voted on by our three official judges and the people attending. Fifty-nine brave souls braves the chilly, snowy, icy weather to attend the event. Bragging rights this year were earned by Connie Archer,(Judges Choice) and Devon Grahm (People's Choice) as winners. A successful silent and live auction were held thanks to vivacious auctioneers: Sandra Lundt and Ron Lonneman. It proved to be a fun evening filled with lots of laughs and delicious food: 16 different varieties of chili along with scrumptious desserts and of course cornbread were served. A special thanks goes to the Matzners, Stahls, Lonnemans, Lundts, Stiths, and all those who donated their time and items for auction at this special event.

Chief Collins claiming the Fire Department Chili trophy for Poudre Canyon

Ron Lonneman with "People's Choice" winner Devyn Grahm Judges

Candice McMahan, Jason Hovey, and Pam Franzen. They had a hard job this year as all the chili’s were great!

March 23, 2012 ~ Our First Annual Chili Cook Off ~

Our first chili cook off was met with great success!  There were 19 entries, and they were all delicious!  There was venison, buffalo, elk, pheasant, beef, pork, and even a vegan recipe in the mix (which took 3rd place).  Several fire departments were present, and a good time was had by all!!  We look forward to next years chili cook off...but perhaps ill bring some Tums to the next one :)  Congratulations to all the winners!!!  and a big thanks to Ralph and Jackie Matzner for putting this together!  We'd also like to thank all the folks that donated items for auction and door prizes!  We were able to raise a nice sum of money with all of your generous donations!  Thanks so much for everyones hard work~

November 17th, 2011 ~ Open House for Station One
This is a reminder of the open house for Fire Station 1 on November 17th at 1900 hours.  There will be a pot luck held at the community center starting at 1900 and every one is welcome.  LPCA is providing Turkey dinner.  Please bring salad or a side dish.  Please contact Donna Marie Feigle at feigles@juno.com  if you plan on attending so they can have the proper amount of food on hand.

And congrats on the completion of Station One...it looks great!

Images provided by Delta Construction

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dear fellow fire fighters,

I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the dedicated volunteers that stepped up last night to assist the USFS on the initial action for the Pingree Incident.  In all my years as a professional fire fighter I rarely witnessed the dedication that you all demonstrated last night.  Each and every one of you are involved in proving to the emergency response community that we are a well organized and dedicated group of professionals.  Rarely are wild fires fought under the conditions we experienced last night.  Winds in excess of 40 MPH, cold temperatures, and steep terrain.  As of 0700 this morning the fire was listed at 3.5 acres with high winds.  The fire did not make any forward progress today but there is still active burning occurring.  The fire will have 20 firefighters on the line at 0700 tomorrow to continue suppression efforts. When I spoke to dispatch they were very impressed by the radio communications and organization  that occurred.  They stated that it made their job much easier.

The initial attack comprised of 15 firefighters, 8 of which were PCFPD red card fire fighters.  Thank you to the following individuals that responded and spent all night on the fire in suppression efforts.  

Bob Stahl, Laura Stahl, Steve Walton, Glen Simmons, Kelly Falbo, Jon Schneider, Bret Ridges.

In addition, Dean Miller and Marv Keller responded on the initial assignment and were released early this morning.

And I wish to also thank Bette Blinde, Leann Davis, Jan Simmons and Lisa Westrope for preparing and delivering egg burritos, hot coffee and home made coffee cake.  All the crews were thankful to have the food and coffee after coming off the line.  

Your community and I am forever grateful for your volunteer work. 
Carl Solley
Fire Chief

March 18, 2011~
Take a look at the progress of our new fire station...the community has really stepped forward to show their support...we have neighbors cleaning, staining, painting, sewing and offering a helping hand to get the job done!  Well done everyone!

GREY ROCK FIRE (March 2010)~
Id like to send out a big Thank you to Tony Falbo and Jon Schneider for their hard work on the Grey Rock fire...they spent several days working the fire, and had a pivotal role in eliminating it!  Way to go guys!!!

New Ambulance for the Upper Canyon!!!

The upper canyon now has a new ambulance funded through an EMS grant from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment that was written by Rachel Schneider. (Well done Rachel!) Rescue 2 is a 2001 Ford F350 4X4 ambulance.  Of the $55,000. cost of the ambulance, Poudre Canyon paid $5,500. the rest was covered by the grant.  Also, thanks to Connie and Lea Archer for allowing Rescue 2 to reside in their parking lot with electrical hook-up until the new station is ready to house it. 

Kellie Falbo and Rachel Schneider graduated from the Fire Academy, earning them
Fire Fighter 1 and Hazardous Materials Operations certificates.  Well done ladies!!!